Our results

Through its activities in the field of medical physics development, the Ukrainian Association of Medical Physicists in Ukraine is trying to be as efficient as possible, since the existence of an organization without goals and results is meaningless.

That is why on this page we will create a list of intermediate results of our work, which may include the organization of scientific and practical activities, the implementation of our ideas, the production of documents, reports, recommendations and other documents – all that brings us step by step to build a quality field of medical physics in Ukraine.

Recommendations of the Ukrainian Association of Medical Physicists for the development of a master's program (or academic part of residency) in medical physics

An important part of training a qualified clinical medical physicist (expert in medical physics) is a master's program. We hope that the Higher education institutions of Ukraine, which provide/wish to train qualified medical physicists, will take into consideration the given Recommendations and will improve their educational programs in accordance with them

List of protocols and recommendations for use in therapeutic medical physics

The Ukrainian Association of Medical Physicists has prepared a document that includes international documents, protocols, recommendations that are generally accepted and used by many medical physicists in the world. This List has been prepared to assist in every stage of studying and work for medical physicists who are beginning to work in the field of therapeutic medical physics or are already working and want to improve the quality of their work.

Mobile Android application for fractionation mode correction in the event of unplanned break during radiation therapy

The mobile Android application allows you to calculate the number of additional fractions or a new one-time dose that is needed to compensate for a lost dose in the event of an unplanned treatment break. Due to the fact that most specialists in Ukraine still use TDF tables, while the international community has long ago switched to the linear-quadratic model, we decided to create an application that aims to facilitate calculations and thus encourage professionals to switch to a more modern radiobiological model.

Ukrainian Medical Physicists Forum

In 2016, voting among medical physicists of Ukraine, it became clear that they need to create a scientific and practical event in Ukraine that will allow to exchange experience, raise and discuss industry problems. That is why the Forum of Medical Physicists of Ukraine was created, which in a few years became one of the central events in the field of medical physics of Ukraine.