Radiotherapy equipment in Ukraine

The maps show all medical institutions of Ukraine, which are equipped with gamma therapy devices based on Co60, medical linear accelerators, brachytherapy based on Co60 and Ir192. When you click on the icon of a institution, a list of equipment is displayed. The map based on data from the DIRAC system and is updated in accordance with changes in it or actual changes, information about which is received by UAMF.

Mobile android application for management of unscheduled treatment interruptions in radiotherapy

Treatment of patients using radiation therapy methods involves a long course of treatment. Sometimes there are situations when the patient can not get the planned dose due to certain reasons - severe side effects, equipment failure, etc. In order to achieve the desired therapeutic effect, it is necessary to use radiobiological calculations to determine the method of compensating for the lost dose due to deviations from the planned treatment schedule. This android application is designed to facilitate the calculation process for clinicians.