Story of UAMP formation

From the very beginning of the emergence of radiological equipment in Ukraine, there was a problem of communication between technicians who worked in the field of radiology. The gradual development of the diagnostic and therapeutic areas of radiology was accompanied by the emergence of new equipment, the qualitative use of which was increasingly needed by specialists who would apply physicial and technical knowledge in medicine. Gradually, the number of medical physicists (or, as they continue to be called in Ukraine – radiology engineers) increased. During 2006-2013, 19 modern linear accelerators were installed in Ukraine, which led to an even greater increase in the number of medical physicists.

Among the specialists, there was an acute shortage of professional communication, and the presence of significant problems in the field of medical physics in Ukraine encouraged a number of like-minded people to join the Initiative group, which brought up the idea of ​​the need to create a professional public organization that could unite medical physicists in Ukraine, to organize the opportunity to unite medical physicists in Ukraine and improve their skills and thus develop the industry as a whole.

In 2013, members of the Initiative Group organized a survey to analyze the opinions of medical physicists in Ukraine. In particular, to the question “Do you feel the need for the Association of Medical Physicists of Ukraine?” 94% said “Yes.”

Taking into account the results of the survey, the Initiative Group held several meetings to analyze the state of the medical physics industry in Ukraine and decided to try to restore the Association of Medical Physicists, which was established in 1993 but did not actually work.

After discussions with the founders of the existing organization, it became clear that the views on the strategy of the association are different and can not be combined, and therefore the only correct solution would be to create a new professional organization.

At the end of 2013, the Initiative Group virtually suspended its activities because the Constituent Assembly of the All-Ukrainian Association of Medical Physicists and Biomedical Engineers (WOMFI) was held in July of that year. Most of the members of the Initiative Group expressed their desire to participate in the Constituent Assembly with great enthusiasm, but only three people who were invited by the organizers were able to participate, others were refused. Also, during the Constituent Assembly, part of the persons who did not participate in their organization but were able to become members revealed the inconsistency of the provisions of the Charter with the vision of the community of medical physicists, which was formed by the results of the survey, with no practitioners being elected to the first heads of the organization. Medical physicist, instead, the deputy chairman of the SNRCU was elected at the head of the Association, which creates a kind of conflict of interest and is nonsense.

In view of these facts, most of the members of the Initiative Group were critical of the process of establishing the organization and decided to first evaluate the first steps in the development of the organization, the level of transparency, professionalism, development vectors and only then, in the case of a positive assessment, to become more involved in its activity.

At the same time, during 2014-2016 there was an active promotion of medical physics in Ukraine through the social network Facebook in the group Medical physics in Ukraine, within which at that time 356 participants were united. Interesting news in the field of medical physics has been constantly published both from Ukraine and abroad.

At the end of 2016, it became clear that over the three years of the existence of the new professional organization, practicing medical physicists had not experienced significant changes. Therefore, it was decided to conduct another poll, the main question of which was “Do you support the idea of holding a conference / convention / round table in honor of Medical Physics Day?”. 100% of respondents said yes.

This is how the Forum of Medical Physicists of Ukraine was created. The Round Table was held during this scientific and practical event, which took place on November 11, 2016. Anyone could take part in it. After an active several-hour discussion with the participation of about 40 participants, it was felt that no existing professional association of medical physicists in Ukraine fulfills its functions and there is a need to create a professional public organization, the founders, authors of the development strategy and the driving force of which will become practitioners of medical physicists of Ukraine. It was decided to prepare everything necessary for the Constituent Assembly to establish the Ukrainian Association of Medical Physicists.

During 2017 there was a lively discussion in the community of medical physicists of Ukraine of the draft Charter, and changes were made in accordance with the wishes of specialists. There was a collection of proposals and pre-selection of candidates for leadership positions through polls and anonymous voting.

During the Second Forum of Medical Physicists of Ukraine, the Constituent Assembly was held, with the participation of all interested persons.

During the Meeting the decision was made to establish the Ukrainian Association of Medical Physicists, elected the President, Vice-President, Secretary and members of the Board, approved the official emblem and the Charter.

After completing all the necessary registration procedures, the public organization “Ukrainian Association of Medical Physicists” was officially registered and started operating on December 12, 2017.

Official attributes and details of NGO “Ukrainian Association of Medical Physicists”:

Title: public organization “Ukrainian Association of Medical Physicists”

Short name: PO “UAMF”

Name in foreign language: «Ukrainian Association of Medical Physicists»

Short name in foreign language: «UAMP»



Bank details:

Name of organization: UAMF
Recipient code: 41813052
Name of Bank: JSC CB “PrivatBank”
IBAN Account: UA933052990000026008015004449
Currency: UAH

The official Facebook page: