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We have completed all the necessary procedures for registering a public organization!

  • 09.03.2018
We have completed all the necessary procedures for registering a public organization!

Dear colleagues!

We are glad to inform you that we have finally completed all the necessary procedures for registration of a public organization, the constituent assembly of which took place with the participation of all interested medical physicists at the end of 2017.

The public association “Ukrainian Association of Medical Physicists” (NGO “UAMP”) was registered. USREOU code 41813052.

The first meeting of the UAMP Board was also held, at which several organizational issues were resolved. In particular:
1. adopted an official logo, which in the presence of other proposals may be changed in the future.
2. the official e-mail address has been created
3. a decision has been made to establish the amount of the annual membership fee (for members of the organization UAH 100, and associate members UAH 70) who can be a member and who can be an associate member – is written in the Charter. 
4. an application form was created for joining the UAMP NGO.

If you want:
a) to be an active member of the community of medical physicists of Ukraine
b) to influence the choice of vectors of UAMP activity
c) offer their ideas and develop them together with colleagues
d) solve problems of medical physics of Ukraine

become a member of the Ukrainian Association of Medical Physicists.

How to became a member of the UAMP? Use this link!

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, you can contact us in any way convenient for you:
1. By writing a letter to
2. By joining the official UAMF Facebook page and sending a personal message.

We will actively involve all interested specialists in our field, each member of UAMP will have the opportunity to express their opinion on all issues, participate in voting on all important issues and make final decisions. Therefore, the more of us, the better the activities of UAMP will reflect the thoughts and moods of the entire community of medical physicists. In the near future, all members of the UAMP will discuss areas of activity, will form proposals to public authorities, regulatory authorities, etc.

Welcome to the team.

Ukrainian Association of Medical Physicists

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